get_string - prompt a user for a string

get_string - prompts user for a line of text from stdin and returns it as a string


Header File

#include <cs50.h>


string get_string(string prompt, ...);

#include <cs50.h>

char *get_string(const char *format, ...);


This function prompts the user for a string.

This function expects at least one argument, prompt. If prompt contains any format codes, a la printf, this function accepts additional arguments as well, one per format code.

Prompts user for a line of text from standard input and returns it as a string (char *), sans trailing line ending. Supports CR (\r), LF (\n), and CRLF (\r\n) as line endings. Stores string on heap, but library’s destructor frees memory on program’s exit.

The prompt is formatted like printf(3).


This function returns the user’s input as a string.

Returns the read line as a string. If user inputs only a line ending, returns "", not NULL. Returns NULL upon error or no input whatsoever (i.e., just EOF).


#include <cs50.h>
int main(void) { string s = get_string("Input: "); printf("Output: %s\n", s); }
int main(void)
    string s = get_string("Enter string: ");

    // ensure string was read
    if (s == NULL)
        return 1;

    string next = get_string("You just entered %s. Enter a new string: ", s);

    if (next == NULL)
        return 1;

    printf("Your last string was %s\n", s);


get_char(3), get_double(3), get_float(3), get_int(3),
get_long(3), printf(3)